Vanda Knapkova

Vanda Knapkova is a video maker, based in Hong Kong, specializing in fashion and music content.

Vanda has been working in fashion industry since 2008. As a model she has been working abroad (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Prague, Milan, Taipei, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur) where she met many established designers, stylists, photographers, make-up artists and hairstylists.

In 2011, Vanda moved to Prague to study interactive media at Prague College. There she realized she is able to make her visions visible through making videos. She creates not only standard videos but experiments with light effects and then applies it to video art. Therefore, Vanda has a passion for music, fashion and art it was easy but challenging to move from a position of a model to a creator of videos.

Recently, Vanda has been collaborating with not just successful Czech and Slovak fashion designers, brands, artists but also designers in Hong Kong.

CLIENTS: Sephora CZ,Elle Hong Kong, Dal Duca IT/HK, Reiss HK, Mezcalito Lounge Bar HK, Michael Kovacik Fashion Designer SK, BEEF Records CZ, Allan Banford...

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